Serious Stick RPG

Woo! Version 20 is finally out! I've been working like a fiend and I've come out with the best PSP Flash game, hands down! With 15 minigames plus an additional Story Mode and 27 unlockable achievements, Stick RPG is hours of entertainment to take on the go... For free!

!!! - - - IMPORTANT - - - !!!
1. This game seems bland at first, but try pressing each button at least once and you can find tons of fun minigames... That's what this game is all about!
2. To get to Story Mode, enter the Sewer in the bottom left of the main screen, then select Mission from the Sewer menu.

!!! - - - IMPORTANT - - - !!!
- Right-click on the side of the screen when the game is playing and select View Page Info. Find the Media tab, and find Serious_Stick_RPG.swf under Media. Click on it and then click Save As to download.
On the PSP:

  • Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
  • In the folder CONTAINING the folder labeled PSP, create a new folder labeled "Flash"
  • Drop the raw SWF file into that folder
To play on the PSP:
  • Open your Internet Browser on the far right
  • Cancel the internet connection
  • Insert in the URL: file://Flash/RPG.swf
NOTE: If you changed the name of the game file, change it on the above URL.


Computer struggling? Use the low graphics page here