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#1 23/02/14 7:35pm

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State of the site and forums

Unfortunately, the sites most active and contributing members have left long ago, so we can consider these forums to be inactive, and dare I say, dead.

The webmaster (tallphil) has said a couple years ago that this place still pulls in enough revenue to pay for itself, and so because of that he had no intentions of taking the site down. Im not sure if this is still the case (probably, considering all of the spam lately), but this is just for everyone who legitimately comes here looking for a hub for PSP flash gaming; this really isn't the place for it anymore, nor do I think that you'll find another place for it - I think this was the most active place regarding PSP flash games that ever existed, and it was fun while it was active.

PSP is long dead, the homebrew scene still has some activity in the way of noobies trying their hand at console development, but flash games have stopped being a 'thing' a long time ago sad So, again, if you're here to play flash games on a PSP, by all means go ahead, but there is custom firmware available for all models of the PSP so you're far better off installing the latest version and playing all of the classic homebrew games/modding your XMB/etc

As for the forums... I cleaned up a ton of spam topics and posts (took me about 30 minutes to get through em all, not too bad), so at least the forums look a bit nicer, but the fact remains that its still dead-looking. Sorry if you came here looking for an active community, you should've been here in 2007/2008 when this site was at its peak.

It'd also be nice if tallphil posted a reply to this with his thoughts on the site.

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Re: State of the site and forums

For the record, I'm still coming on to clean up spam, which is why there's a lot LESS than there could have been.

Anyway it's true that PSP Flash games are not really being made anymore, but have you tried Ava RPG yet? And do you know about my 100+ game bundle? I think these things are sufficient to keep peoples' attention should they stumble upon this site.

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