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Bookmarking Javascript

So I have a really basic Javascript command that I want to bookmark on my PSP:'#333333';

I can type it into my PSP manually and it works fine, but it takes a long time to type and I'd rather just bookmark it. The problem is my system stops me from saving a bookmark if I set it to a Javascript command rather than a webpage. I tried manually changing it from bookmarks.html in my memory stick and it simply deleted the bookmark. I tried making a link to it, which worked, but when I went to save the link as a bookmark I realized that the PSP doesn't allow that.

I'm also a real newbie in Javascript so if there's a command for changing the text color that would be cool too. I'm not making a big project out of this, I just want a way to make the screen a little darker so it doesn't hurt my eyes when I'm reading in the dark.

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