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This site is designed to be a hub of all of the best flash games on the web, all adapted for use on the PSP.

The Sony PSP firmware upgrade (2.70) has a built in flash player for the internet explorer. This means that homebrew flash games can run on the PSP. If you've seen or written a game that you think should be featured on this site, email us...

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    tallphil , 10:39pm 01.09.08 The Official PSP Guidebook

    PSPFG Feature Dezerith obviously has keen eyes, and spotted that a couple of the games here on have been featured in The Official PSP Guidebook, issue 039, page 86/87. (see his forum post here

    The games in question are Boulder Dash, written by Zuriki and PSPTetris by joeysmith. Both are hugely addictive games, if you haven't tried them yet you should definitely give them a go! You can find them by clicking the links in bold above, or by using the links on the right.

    I can't find an official website for The Official PSP Guidebook, but Dezerith has kindly put up a scan of the page in question, which you can find here or by clicking the thumbnail image to the right...

    If anyone has found or finds any more reviews or features regarding PSP Flash Gaming in print or on the web, let us know! Drop a mail to webmaster [[A.T]] or post about it in the forum!

    tallphil , 7:36pm 26.08.08 Squid!

    I got a couple of mysterious emails from a sender known only as the giant squid from the briny ocean depths. They happened to contain an addictive game each, which you can find here:

    Squid Swim
    Squid Evader

    tallphil , 7:25pm 26.08.08 DiGi iNVaDeRS Update

    Good news everybody!

    Firstly, I'm back from holiday, so I can start to reply to the huge mass of emails I have from you guys, and secondly, Darth Falco has updated his DiGi iNVaDeRS Star Wars game!

    The gameplay has been sped up on the PSP, and the game can now also be played on a normal computer using the keyboard. This makes no difference with control on the PSP. You can now also pause the game by pressing 'Down' on the PSP, or 'P' on a keyboard.

    You can check it out here...

    tallphil , 8:39am 09.11.07 ChatBox!

    For those of you who find the forum too slow, or just want a quick chat about nothing in particular - why not head over to our new ChatBox!

    Jake , 9:02pm 29.08.07 New Game Roobix

    I have the first release of a new game called Roobix. The game is not on the site to play but you can download it here. The entire contents of the folder is needed and to use the save game function you must load the game using the html file.

    Edit 08/10/2007:
    Version 1.10 released.

    Please note there will be updates for this game in the near future.

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