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This site is designed to be a hub of all of the best flash games on the web, all adapted for use on the PSP.

The Sony PSP firmware upgrade (2.70) has a built in flash player for the internet explorer. This means that homebrew flash games can run on the PSP. If you've seen or written a game that you think should be featured on this site, email us...

Why don't you head on over to the forum, we've got a nice little community going and you might learn something new!

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    tallphil , 11:14am 26.04.10 PSP Flash Gaming Down Time

    Hi everyone, just a quick apology for the site disappearing for a few days (21st - 25th May). I messed up the domain renewal by accident due to losing my credit card in the supermarket. Everything should be up and running again as usual now!

    tallphil , 5:30pm 20.08.09 The War on Spam!

    Hey everyone - I'm going through a phase of trying to stop the spam on the forums! I've just put in a new Captcha on the registration page (please be patient if you don't get it first time - it took me three attempts when i was testing it!) and I'm going to look into stopping spam postings.
    If anyone has any other feedback for things I can do to help, let me know! Usual e-mail address.
    Edit: I've just deleted around 500 spam user accounts, apologies if yours got deleted in the process! I didn't delete anyone who had posted anything, so you can just sign up again if you've gone.

    tallphil , 7:59am 07.06.09 'Forbidden' Errors in the Forum

    Hi all, a few of our users have been coming across apparently random 403 errors (Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forum/post.php on this server... etc)
    I'm actively trying to sort this problem out at the moment, so please be patient with me - sorry guys!
    If you're trying to log in and you get this, try using the login fields in the top header, or alternatively, clicking the text 'login' link in the forum instead.
    I'll keep you updated here.

    [ UPDATE ] - Should now be fixed, if anyone gets any errors like this again, please let me know!

    tallphil , 11:09pm 30.11.08 ConnectED

    ConnectED has been promoting the use of the Sony PSP in Education for nearly 2 years, concentrating on Flash and other open source formats for audio and video.

    They have a very large audience of schools who are interested in simple games that can be used to underpin learning. They're looking for any developers who would be interested in developing flash games like this for the marketplace - if you're interested, have a look at their website:

    tallphil , 5:50pm 15.10.08 FHM Competition

    FHM is running a competition entitled the FHM web awards, apparently they're "about recognising great development and developers, celebrating their efforts, and just saying thanks for providing people everywhere with a distraction from their working day."

    The top prize is 3000 ($5200 USD) for the developer, and I think we've got a few games up here that should be entered...

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