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This site is designed to be a hub of all of the best flash games on the web, all adapted for use on the PSP.

The Sony PSP firmware upgrade (2.70) has a built in flash player for the internet explorer. This means that homebrew flash games can run on the PSP. If you've seen or written a game that you think should be featured on this site, email us...

Why don't you head on over to the forum, we've got a nice little community going and you might learn something new!

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    tallphil , 9:52pm 12.11.13 New Games!

    Two new games have just beed added to the site - Ava Portable and Serious Stick RPG. Both are written by Kwing. Enjoy!

    tallphil , 10:25pm 09.01.12 SITE BACK UP

    Sorry about the site down time everyone - I got a status e-mail reporting the problem, and when I had a look at the site the database was totally empty. That is, no forum at all - all gone!
    Thankfully, the nice people at who I host this site with were able to restore a backup and everything is back up and running... Phew!

    tallphil , 9:57am 04.01.12 New Games Added

    Thanks to shinsukeito, DarthFALCO and PSP1221, we now have 10 new games up on the site! They are:

    == shinsukeito ==
    Burn The Earth
    Hamburger Pits
    Hamburger Dodge

    == DarthFALCO ==
    Blaster Rocks

    == PSP1221 ==
    PSP Kart
    Rapid Tapping

    tallphil , 1:47pm 26.08.11 New Games on PSP Flash Gaming

    It's time that we put some new games up on the main part of the PSP Flash Gaming site. To suggest a game, please have a look at this forum topic...

    tallphil , 3:18pm 19.09.10 Site Problems (again)

    Once again, apologies for recent problems in the site forum - the database had become corrupted, so I had to restore a backup from last monday. This means that anyone who has registered on the site in the last week will have to do so again, sorry! I'm definitely going to do a major rehaul of the site soon, so watch this space!

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